Windows 8 And Data Consumption~ 3 Simple Ways Out Of The Trouble

Simple ways Of stopping too much data consumption on your Windows 8 Operating System 

Have you been battled with huge data consumption of your data, on the computer? Maybe you have not noticed. But one thing is very sure. You are always faced with with this danger of watching huge amount of data on any system that is not bearing any professional flag. You may understand the tricks soon. There are certain unnecessary usage of package data by certain windows 8 applications; and you will get to learn them in buts now.

The first act to curtailing this infernal consumption is to turn of the live tiles that drains the your data by making use of internet every time you make a connection. It connects to certain packages like News Feeds, Travel, Facebook apps and tones of others. To make this adjustment, simply see this guide:
Right-click on the app
Turn live tile off.

That was just a step.The second step  will be to change the windows updates notification setting. Thought it is recommended to always update your windows, there is a serious need to make certain adjustment; like updating only when you need it. I prefer updating software ,manually. To do this, follow this step.

Start the task manager (right click on the task bar and click start task manager)

>>Select more details (if not selected)
>>Click on services tab
>>Click on Open Services at the bottom
>>a new window will come
>> Find Background intelligent Transfer Service and right click over it and stop it. When you close the window, you are good to go.

Like I mentioned from the beginning of this post; the data consumption is caused by so many factors and one of them is your operating system. By default, the OS makes use of some percentages of your data, leaving some for other application. To disable his feature, all you need to do is:Solving Laptop Issues In Nigeria

GOTO Windows Stat Button(type run and hit enter)
When the dos command prompt appear, simply type “gpedit.msc” and press enter.
You will see a tab labelled ‘local Computer Policy’
Under it, you will see ‘Computer Configuration’

Administrative Templates
Double-click on the ‘Networks’ at the right hand side of the panel
Double click on the ‘Qos package scheduler’
Then double-click on ‘Limit preservable Bandwidth’

A new window will come on and you must do the following:
Select ‘Enable’
“Make the bandwidth limit to 0%
and Apply

What Should Prove You Successful?

You will know that you have gotten this last step only when this happens:
A network meter will appear, and I hope it will not show package data usage this time(it will only appear if you are downloading or surfing).

I made this post because some people are moving away from the Windows 8 because it consumes data. Feel free to share your thought…hope it helped you.

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