Do You Want Go Really Get Yourself Employed?  Check Out These Cool Ways To Begin

Have you been frustrated with the labour market trends, working for yourself may be the next option for you, in working yourself out of the heavy unemployment line. you have to understand, also, that the ideas of self-empowerment can be very demanding if you are already consumed with the ‘get the job mentality’ In this post, I bring the ideas very close to potential entrepreneurs..

  1. Define The Problem

To soar very high in your ideas of self-empowerment, you need to identify the problem you in to solve. Don’t be like many, who just want to succeed, because someone does. Ensure that you have what your clients want and always find new approaches to getting their feedback.

  1. Stand Up

Some just suffered the trauma of losing a job. Life does not end here; the greatest challenge that awaits such fellow is the motivation to work, without being influenced to. I will advise building a personal routine that will help keep you on track; even as the days draw nearer. Meet new friends and share those wonderful ideas, you may be doing the right thing for the first time, in your life.

  1. Go For What You Need.

Prepare a lasting plan that will guide the entirety of your moves. You are the grand commander, now and all you need to succeed is embedded in your ability to stick to a plan. Be positive and business minded at the same time. Learn as you go and always set your eyes on the target.

  1. Create a Workspace

This can even be your room, just like I have mine here. Some may care joining me but that should be a discussion for the next post. Workspace can take the shape of a corner of your studio apartment, a basement office, or a local coffee shop, find a place where you can work effectively. Consider attending co-working events to meet other independent workers. I began with listening to great web contenders like Ajah Excel Galaxy, Linda Ikeji and the host of others. I was able to tap to their passions for information, on the right spheres.

  1. Chose A Name

In this regard, it is not every freelance business initiatives that require a name, distinct for its owner. But choosing a name will help in the definition of your ideas and it will help other get to see your seriousness .

  1. Set Your Price

This is vital, Unless you are into, a nonprofit organization.  You must be aware of what value your services of product will bring to your clients; set price accordingly.

  1. Got Online

Vital as well; most freelancers got their relevance on the web. Social networks like Google+, Twitte, LinkeIn, Facebook and the host of others, are good means of getting more spread. For more on this, you can follow us on any of our pages for advice and support.

  1. Get A Card

This shows a lot of seriousness. Invest on your business card, professionally and the reward mut be enormous. Get a very creative design that will just suit your business.

  1. Secure Capital

Some have been sidelined because of low ideas on capital funding.  Many frealancers will hinge on some points without additional funding. As a beginner, and you want to invest on some expensive commodities, you may seek loans form Micro Finance Banks, Peer-to-peer loan site , or individuals.

  1. Sell Your Ideas

Even as you are practicing your them, you can let others know how you got there. It is another huge source and also a means of reaching out. There is always a need to get back to one’s society.

  1. Ensure You Get Your Pay

To work is not the problem. You must have learnt how to earn. Make good invoices, bill your clients promptly and apply every atom of diligence in collecting your ‘pays’.  For me I am always prepared to follow up invoices and always factor the time invested in tracking any payment. In all your getting, get your pay.

  1. Build Your Name

Some call it brand but it is to be understood that you need to grow. Everything I do or say now, as an entrepreneur, reflects to my personal brand.

  1. Think Big

You must begin to look ahead of time. I always thought of expansion and employing multitudes. It means knowing where your business is going. Being guided by posterity measures means being business minded.

Thinking of where to start? You may consider these areas explained below:


Despite the convincing Facebook profiles like ‘Self Employed’ and exaggerated professional qualifications, myriad of Nigerian depend of the federal government for, even the breath they take in. the obvious consequences has, of course, been disappointment.  In turns, fingers are always pointed against the government, as reason for certain failure. It is true! But we cannot live under these limitations. Here, we wish you could check out these cool ways of supporting your bills.

Start Writing

In as much as you have something interesting to share, why not put them down? It has always been a puzzle, how to earn through writing. Though the multiple ways of earning through creative writing is beyond the scope of this post, we still advise that you learn more about writing before proceeding. Freelance writing has even proven more lucrative than some professional occupations.  Blogs, journals and the lie, are all designed out of this kind of writing; and having the basic skills, with commitment, will place you on the receiving end.

Do You Have Computational Skills?

The need to represent certain information on screens, over the web; protect information and increase data integrity has been on the rise, since the evolution of computers began.  Computer professionals have always been placed on the tip list of several world recognition. Acquiring one of these certifications or mere knowledge can transform your life within time. These computer Courses like graphics, web development, systems analysis and designs, programming , have come over the air, to boost you’re your sellability. I began my web career with just video tutorials, downloaded through the web.

Getting certified in any of these computational angles does not only help your employment opportunities, it builds you’re your ability to create jobs and empower more. Thousand other area exists, where you can develop your career but as the post length demands , we name this the part 1

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