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Teaching And Earning Online ~best Tools And Monetization Options To Begin With

Have you wondered how people prepare and show us, clearly, those inspiring tutorials, using only their computer screens?Some teach for fun while many teach to see ends met; because motivation top work is intrinsic, I was thinking about people that have the ideas to teach.If you ever wanted to teach online or ever had a question on how to earn from your online videos, has come with a rich solution. You must have great the desired potentials but still wondering how you can pay your bills with just teaching on the web; if this had been the case, why not carefully read this post till the end?

Without wasting much of our time, let me show you these tools that make video (Online tutorials) very easy.


  1. Aviscreen

This application captures and records your computer screens with just a click of a single button. It has about three different video storage formats but I prefer Avi. The only shortcoming with this app is that it does not record audio. It is only used for windows to download follow this link.


Its own job is to capture your onscreen activities both in videos and in audios. It saves as Avi and only favours windows operating systems. It has no cast attached Download  Link;


3. Corpenicus

I used this software because of my operating system. I’ve been using Mac Operating System and corpenius is designed for Mac. It does not record audio but has good speed in making videos. It uses the fasted memory of the computer. If you are a Mac user, download the software here:


4. Jing Project

Download Link:

This program goes beyond video recording. It allows it user take photo shots of any important part of their deliveries. With this, any portion of your desktop can be taken together with the video tutorials. The amazing feature is that it takes the image, suggest a free hosting plan for upload. You can redirect your audience of view the image anytime. What completes its usability is its functionality with two popular Os, Mac and Widows.


5. All capture

The great software can record both video and audio in real time and can send out videos in different other formats like Flash, EXE, DVD, SVCD and even VCD. It is for only windows users.

Download Link;


6. Adobe Captive

Some have confirmed that Adobe remains the best in any dealing with media, but I have to agree with its cost first. Pricing has been a great constraint with the distribution of adobe products. You can get this software with just $700. Download Link:

There  are still many other software that can help your project your thoughts to thousands of online consumers but you need to understand the basic principles and procedures involved in online tutorials and how you can earn from it.

Best place to earn through your videos

I always recommend YouTube for video teaching on the internet. YouTube presents users with a lot of opportunities to drive revenue from their jobs on the web.Though earning on videos ranges from one affiliate and partnership programs to the other but the most amazing means is through Google Adsense. Monetizing your videos on YouTube create lots of financial in-stream. But this depends on the nature of videos and the consumption . Make nice videos for good traffic on the streams.


                                                             How to monetize your YouTube video

I assume that you have a gmail account already. I also assume that login into YouTube account will not be a problem. You can start off by creating a YouTube channel or simple start uploading videos. The upload button is always made more visible than other texts. Upload some videos and wait to get few views. Then continue with enabling the monetization option and carefully follow the instruction.

But you will begin from a panel like this image below:Monetizing youtube video1

When you might have signed up with Google AdSense, through the link on YouTube, you will be redirected back to YouTube to continue with monetizing other videos uploaded. But this must be done after the brief reviews and approval. Need more guides, see the comment section for more.


How Google AdSence pay on YouTube

Understanding how the program pays will help you maximize your opportunities in teaching on the web.

  1. YouTube uses Cost Per Click (CPC): This is simple to understand. It depends on the amount that particular sponsor pays per click of his advertisement. Some are higher than the other but let assume that it is $2; when a viewer clicks on any video ads, $2 become yours.
  2. YouTube also uses Cost Per View (CPV): Depends on the cash/amount that sponsors paid in view of prospective. This implies that whenever a user watches the advertisement for no less than 30 seconds. In YouTube, advertisement, prospects are placed higher on views and not even clicks.


Before you start thinking of monetizing your videos on YouTube, you must have uploaded some videos. Wait to get some view and proceed with Monetization. After signing up for adsense through the procedures shown here, you are now good to earn; but remember you must monetize any video you upload. This is preferably done as the video is being uploaded. Simply click on more option and turn the monetization button on (watch the video below; (attach video)


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