Simple Tools To Begin With, As A Computer Programmer

Are you a programmer? Do you seek a better means or platforms that will help you improve in your areas of development, see these simple tools to begin with.

Back-end web, and other development involves lots of technical professionalism and functions but understanding the basic principle of that your particular field is the most paramount of all. Thinking to be a coder is one big step but knowing how to get there is another struggle. I need to start with possible ways of getting the required coding experience, and they are;

  1. Video Tutorials

I prefer YouTube video tutorials but there have been lots of issues involved with downloading videos over the platform. Just as I have mentioned before, impossible is not a fact. To download any video of your choice, simply grape its URL and paste on search box; click on the greenly search button at the end of the box and wait to select your video in any formats. There are many other ‘legitimate’ means of getting your desired video from YouTube but they are beyond the scope of this post, on how to download YouTube Videos


  1. Joining coding communities and Learning Environments.

I personally recommended code academy ( They offer extensive browser based interactive tutorials about basic web technologies like the cascading style sheet (SS 3), Hypertext Markup languages (HTML), Java Scripts, and many more. Their courses are sophisticated and absolutely free. They are structured with learning options that guarantees multiple courses at a time. In code  academy expert programmers are allowed to create their own courses but only for teaching purposes.


  1. Code School

In code school some fees are attached but their courses are more interactive than the former. The site irrespective of its changes, offer few free tutorials on courses like Git, Ruby, Java Scripts and Rail of Zombies. Those are programming courses that require no additional programming skills and can be completed within just a moment. These free tutorials have no video but designed in its most effective manner.


  1. The New Tools (

This tool was formally known as EagleCase and offers few interactive tutorials. One for Ruby programming language and Git (version control system). Beginners in New Tool may experience some difficulties because they assume that you all have a bit knowledge of coding.


  1. For Beginners, you may consider Ruby Monk. It is a simple online course that has built-in codes for evaluation and exercises. It is also free and each exercise is accompanied by proper documentations that makes its courses understandable without many advertising banners.



These are online platforms that will help both beginners and expert have access to new programming language and as an expert, you may be considering those platforms that may boost your salability but the list will come in our subsequent tech blogs. Feel free to share your difficulties, must ensure that you start creating job for others. Thank for coming by.

I know that I am far from being comprehensive, with regards to the listing, but I  promise to update the list with more other options in the subsequent time.


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