List Of 10 The Most Paid Jobs In Nigeria


‘The is unemployment in the  country’ yet millions are well paid in their respective domains. Youths constantly blame the government for unemployment but none are blamed for not being employable. When the government fails to provide jobs for the masses, the youth must not fail in creating jobs for themselves. We have compiled this list of the most paid jobs in Nigeria but there are many other areas of life than can be more lucrative than even the most popular traditional ‘white-kola jobs’ ever known.

Although these ones are the most rewarding; every other job pay; it all depends on your scope and commitment. For instance, journalism is one among those professions that are considered poor but when extra courses are being taken, earning must increase. This is because even as a journalist, you can still take your finding to the web, as a personal domain, provided you are in line with national policy and regulations for such information.


Health has never lost its importance in the phase of mankind, and any health related profession must be coined first when it call for earning.Even as this,  Nothing strong comes easy. In short I now pray that my profession becomes harder than it is now; because if it does not, it loses the taste of originality. Physicians earn on average, $188,440 to more.This category is closely followed by dentists, who earn about $164,570 on average.


Marketing Manager

They are found everywhere, irrespective of the kind of business.These are the set of people that make products appealing to your eyes and likes. They ensure that good are made known to certain age,  group of people, and sometimes places and that it seems good and desirable to them. The packaging principles applied by marketing managers is what makes the different in certain commodities. A good marketing manager may earn about $133,700 as average salary.


Information Technology Manager

Every organization now need one information system or the other. They are set of computational professionals that lead organization across certain computer related problems. Funny enough some of these managers are not technical professionals. Their ability to hire the right professional for a particulate problem may be their only expertise.IT managers can earn around $ 132,570 on the average.


Some said they are professional’s liars but they are only seen as professionals,  at It is no secret that lawyers are needed everywhere and in diverse cases. Lawyer like other professionals earn about $131, 99 but never forget; 10 years of study is not some kind of joke. Such huge earning may be a form of compensation, but it still depends of scope and client satisfaction

Sales Managers

They are expert, their ability to analyze trends,make plans and ensure that their[organization]goals are obtained. They don’t only sell products; they ensure the maximization of its selling potentials. Do you think paying a sales manager about $123,150 is such a crime?


Though non-professionals pharmacists are more powerful in Nigeria, turning the business upside down; the legitimate ones are still on their desk controlling certain figures. They handle medicine, and help in vital health needs. It is one of the most lucrative professions in Nigeria, as we listed some months ago. They earn about $116,500.A good reward for protecting you from certain complications.

Business Managers

They is always seen at the operational level of good businesses. They are known for their good leadership skills and strong ability to exceed employer’s expectations. Their earning can even go beyond $116,090, depending on the type and scope of business.

Art Director

The movies or TV,graphics and programs you enjoy are being put together by few experts who have invented in the area public relation, good business duties and marketing. As an art director, you must not only  be an art expert but you must work to understand the system and the targeted audience-at every moment. They may earn about 96,650.


Software Developer

I must be more frank because I fall on this category, though, in making. Developer always appear in the list of most paying paying jobs because of the increasing demand for automation, user friendly software for human assistance. Software.  Development can take several dimensions but  the most popular ones are the designer of application and windows software’s in Nigeria[$96,260 may not even meet their average earning]

Information Security analyst

This has even been confirmed by the department of labour that more are to be seen on the demand for this kind of job. Privacy is something that mankind always wanted and People are still  becoming more conscious of hackers who can manipulate their privacy, unauthorized and in a bid to curb this, expert now earn about $91,210 as their reward.


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