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Latest Release~Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 7 Late Changes

With the latest Apple leak, iPhone 7 is ready, and coming to the market , every soon.  Despite widespread rumors on certain anticipated  features, it’s release will still appear as a surprise to many. The prototype is already under mass production  , and will soon storm the market in its fullness.The final touch(late upgrades) have been made  and so many ears are on the ground, awaiting for the over-anticipated September release . But  through my sources,  it was observed that there was a late upgrade to the model-both internal and external amendments. You have to see the full features below:

From Inside OutiPhone7 Is Released

Apple is set to release the iPhone7 out is  ‘Space Black’. The first of its kind and many trusted sites like the Japanese site, MacOtakara ,  other reliable sites like the 9to5Mac, have agreed that it is the first of its kind since thee release of iPhone 5S in 2013.
But that notwithstanding, all the iPhone 6 finishes is to be retained-Gold, Rose, Silver, Space gray.

No more 64GB

From the same source, Apple has vowed to scrap off the 65GB storage (ROM)option for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.Some will definitely disagree with Apply on this move, but the truth is that it will allow them make more upgrades, as concern the system functionality.  It will really be appreciated in the later days as Apple has been criticized by so many people, on this note, for hovering around the 16GB for a long time.
The non interesting aspect of jumping from 16GB to 128GB is the expected  $100 increment in the original price of its predecessor , though its still a nice range for some buyers.

More Surprise Or More Anticipation? 

It is still a hook in the hearing but there is something sure; the must be sort of surprise Because word is already out that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus look just like the iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus. Who knows what they are totally in for. Since the the last visual change made to the iPhone since 2007, a touch of that kind has not been recorded again.The model is  obliged to drop the headphone jack , as rumored. iPhone7 Released See More features

All these lies in their business startegy , of making the toughest sell they ever dreamed of. But the good hope is that Apple will step up in iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, just as they should. Keep waiting for the release.

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