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The increasing move into the digital phase of journalism in the world has suggested the need for core skills needed by individuals practicing journalism around the globe, and suggesting possible means through which anybody can participate. According to research from NCT, the national bodies in charge for training journalists, the job of a journalist remain the same but a great change in the ways they are carried out is obvious.

The report noted that the job of a journalist, everywhere is; To find the story, check the impart on the audience, and put it into context for either listeners, readers or viewer (in the case of television). These function has never been changed but the way they are done are dramatically being transformed by new technologies.

Though, it was suggested that the media requires information technology skills, the skill needed in journalism is your ability to communicate. In a near future, some experience staff in the field of journalism will be replaced by these digitally experience enthusiast. The importance of media must be prepared to relate with audience demand and contribution which defines the most effective journalism platforms like Blogging. These latest technologies provide easy tools of conveying information to audience but in a more serious note, providing a “two-way-discussion”.


People in the field or looking to join the field should be multi-skilled and able to utilize modern devices. To improve in your abilities to communicate on such massive scales information technology devices should be your great companion _imagine a journalist that cannot handle a photographing device.


In my motion, journalism has taken dimensions that exceeds the “new room” routines. People need to know the truth, and on time. The great prospects found in the media is now embedded on the web. This irrespective of the need to access quality training on journalism, any body can be a journalist. Do you have anything to report; Do you know anything that can impart your society? These are great opportunities awaiting you. How you can start earning or possible ways of moving into journalism can be seen on the above links. You may also like :How to earn through YouTube In Nigeria

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