How To Save/Download YouTube Videos~My Simplest Method

There are lots of interesting topics on the web that you must have given a thought on how to save for later purposes. If you have ever wanted to save a video on YouTube, and experienced any difficulty, this post will help you cross over. Just do these simple tab-tasks:

Simply log into on one tab, and on the other tab, log into the youtube, for the video you desire to download.

You must do this on separate tabs on either your mobile or desktop web browser. On another tab, you need to open the you tube video that you want to download. On the video screen right click and copy the video URL as was illustrated on this YouTube video below:

How to save vidoe from youtube

Then on the other tab( you need to paste the copied URL from the YouTube video, and download your video. See the Image illustrations below:

how to save youtube vidoes

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