How to Apply for Diamond Bank BET7 with Sample Pitch (Video)

How to Apply for Diamond Bank BET 2017 with Sample Pitch (Video)


About the Award

It is the 7th edition of Diamond Bank’s Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET), a 6 months intensive entrepreneurial training program designed to train 50 budding entrepreneurs and also award N3 million seed capital to 5 top participants.

How to Apply

Here is what you need to do:

Login to : and click join BET7

  1. Let’s meet you
    Step 1
    Fill out your personal and business details correctly

    Fill out a simple form registration with your First Name, Surname, Email Address and
    Mobile Number, Business Name/Idea and a brief description of your business/idea.
    Your business in 60 seconds
    Step 2
    Tell us about your business/idea in 60 seconds.

    Create a 60-second video with clear audio about your business/idea using a video
    camera or a phone. Click the upload button afterwards to upload your pitch video.
    Await the invitation
    Step 3
    Complete your registration, submit and await the invitation

    Be on the lookout for your application, you may just be one of the 300 applicants
    who would make it to the interview.

Other Questions you might face

* Are you still under paid employment?

Answer: very wisely

With BET Program, I will gain more insight in the Recruitment, advertisement and Training Industry as an entrepreneur. I also believe I will get the funds needed to see that my idea breaks her limits.


* Mention your top five competitors?

Answer: Please Research and mention your Competitors


* If you project your company in the next five years, where do you see it?

My Answer: By the Next five years, we must have helped millions of Skilled Nigerians get direct job/contract placement into their respective fields. We must have internally recruited more than 100 employees in each state of the Federation, to help our clients.
I see my company as the most accepted and trusted Recruitment, advertisement and Modern Training Firm in Africa. A firm that will help clients spend nothing while recruiting.
And I see a nation where people get job based on merit.A nations whose indigenous expertise and product will be exalted among nations.
Click Next And Be honest With Your Inputs

I wish you Goodluck!



Watch the Video Pitch/Sample


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How to Complete Application 

Ensure you see this at the end of the application:

Diamond BET 2017 Pitch Video

Diamond BET 2017 Pitch Video

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