How Create A Video Interactive Forum With Great Technical Ease

I was researching on my school project, which had to do with visual interactions between certain common groups, when I stumbled upon a great technology that have revealed the power of mighty web platforms, like Facebook. Red5 is an open source media server for certain live streaming solutions. Organizations may be in need for customized web forum that will take their conversations global. I viewed this functionality very useful because many are getting bored with social platform and its high level of vulnerability to different unauthorized accesses.


One among the numerous technologies, and of course my favourite is Red5. It is an open source media server for live. Streaming purposes. It is equipped with multi customizable features and strong plugin architecture) that allows for VOD customization. It baffled me to know that great tech savvy like Facebook and Amazon utilize its openness to webmasters.


Red5 was first created in 2005, by a team of committed exports that considered that RTMP as an alternative to flash communication. No doubt, it is now being used more than flash for live streaming. Other technologies like HLS, Websocket and RTSP no longer count, in the presence of Red5.


Currently, Red5 is building support for Web RTC, to enable streaming is browsers without a need for a single plugin; and as part of this recent Google summer of code:


The technology has a paid version known as the Red5 Pro; it is a paid license of the Red5 technology with SDK for mobile (Android and iOS) and other wonderful features. One can freely and easily access the Red5 through but the improved version has a link that looked like this


The utilization of this tool will help the development of a truly open and flexible web platform that will be more interactive than ever. It is also used for the development of video conference softwares, multi-user gamming applications and other knowledge intensive programs. Want to learn how to begin? Follow this link:


I hope this article helped; if so please drop a comment as an appreciation.



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