Happy Independence Day To Every Nigerian~From Jobreaders Admin

A good definition of age, wisdom and achievement.
A nation with over 173.6 million dwellers. A nation with 36 states and capital, A nation with over 250 ethnic groups, A nation that was instituted since October 1, 1960, A nation that has produced over thousands of political leaders; A nation with great diversity in her cultural dimensions. A nation enriched with rich mineral and human resources. A nation where talent and competition skyrockets.

Yet a nation where political injustice and impunity is a protected by Law, a nation where nepotism and corruption is the prime ambition of any government. A nation where certificate is valued more than skills. A nation where environmental damage does not concern the government. A nation I’m no longer sure of being proud of.

A nation where an average citizen sees government property as an ownerless packages for massive embezzlement. A nation where CHANGE is an illusion. A nation where the information minister will say A, and the government will say P.
A nation where youths see farming as an obsolete profession, yet they don’t fail to eat every day.
But a nation I still hope on. I nation I see young entrepreneurs taking up the affairs of the masses. A nation where youths will learn to depart from tradition, and norms, which has crippled our advancement.

HAPPY Independence Day to any Changed Nigeria, because a better Nigeria is a better YOU!From the Admin, Jobreaders Ng

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