How to Get Shortlisted for Scholarships fast in Nigeria.

Do you want to be shortlisted very fast for scholarship in Nigeria, here are the things you need to be doing.

I’ve shared this post as a guide for scholarships meant for African students, but with a closer look, scholarships in Nigeria also take some similar shapes.


How to Get Shortlisted for Scholarships fast in Nigeria:


#1. Know about the Scholarship

Most of the scholarships offered to students in Nigeria, are so competitive that almost a million candidates can apply for just 10 seats.

On this note, you need to be prepared by knowing more about the scholarship.

You might be asked to tell more about the offer in any of the aptitude tests that select the best candidates.

And even without that, you need to know more about the scholarship in order to know if you are the right person to click the ‘apply’ button.



#2. Prepare Yourselves for the Offer

You need to read beyond the scopes. Most of the scholarships for Nigerians require thorough screening, as some undergo series of tests before the few are selected to participate.

So, you might need to get the previous questions to study the nature of the questions that they are after.

Study them.

Questions may not be repeated, but there are chances that you’ll learn more about what they need from candidates.


#3. Keep Your Credentials Handy

Without having your documents saved in the digital forms, you might not be able to apply for the scholarship on your own; and might fall into the hands of the cyber errors while making your entries for the scholarships.


#4. Be on Time

A lot of people in Nigeria looking for scholarships. So there is every possibility that the scholarship bodies have been making use of the ‘first come first serve’ methodology, as a basis for their selections.

So, you need to observe the points in the above section, and endeavor to apply on time.

#5. Do not forsake your Email

Some of the scholarships in Nigeria utilize emails for responding to their candidates. So, if you’re in need of scholarship, you must form the habit of daily email checks.

Always check your mails, for updates for these bodies and even for other opportunities that might come your ways.




There are still other scholarship tips that you might find interesting here and this post, How to Get Shortlisted for Scholarships fast in Nigeria, may not have it all, but if you want to start applying for scholarships now, feel free to see the current offers at



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