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How to apply for n power programs in Nigeria

Apply for a hope-raising empowerment program in Nigeria.

Are you a graduate or an experienced, seeking employment in Nigeria? Do you wish to participate in the building of the dreamed Nigeria? You need to get empowered. N-power is designed by the Federal government of Nigeria to curb the increasing unemployment that has planted seeds in our national systems, to help young Nigerians acquire and develop long-lasting skills that will provide solutions to the demands of their societies and Nigeria, at large. N-power is created to help our youths become more relevant in both our domestic and global markets, to empower their dreams and recreate their untapped potentials.

However, recently I published a programme, tagged iCT Programme For Change, powered by the Federal government and now, With the N-power initiative, young Nigerians will be empowered to create, build, and fix the exceptional ideas, business enterprises that will lighten the face our national economy.

N-power has a visions of converting myriads of unemployed and the unemployable into pools of 500,000 teachers, agricultural extension experts and consultants, technicians, computational experts, healthcare professionals, , community service volunteers, graphics artists, animators, building and design professionals, hardware and software developers, and other professionals.

The days of hopelessness are over. You must not sit to wait for opportunities pass you by. Stand up and get empowered by the N-Power initiatives.

How To Apply

Application is free and simplified. Visit and explore their hope-raising options for your online application. Feel free to drop a comment and don’t forget to share.

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