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Get A Verified Certificate, Boost Your Career, And Affect your Society Through edx

Sometimes you want to take a course just for the sheer joy of learning something new. But sometimes you need to complete a course for a better job, a promotion, or a college application.

A verified certificate from edX can provide proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed an online course. Verified certificates require you to verify your identity using a webcam and a government-issued ID, so employers and schools know that you completed the course work. All you may need to to begin any course, is to signup to their numerous plans, which involves

Choosing  the course that’s right for you

At edX, they have many types of courses to choose from. Choose the one that’s right for you. Their  courses are rigorous so choose wisely. Some courses allow you to earn a certificate of achievement that is verified to ensure you are the one taking the course

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What types of certificates does edX offer?

EdX offers two types of certificate. Note that not all courses offer certificates, and that archived courses do not offer certificates.

  • Verified certificates are available for a fee that varies by course. These certificates require you to verify your identity before you can receive your certificate.
  • XSeries certificates are available when you successfully complete a series of courses that make up an XSeries

What is an honor code certificate?

Honor code certificates indicate that you earned a passing grade in a course, but did not complete extra steps such as verifying your identity.

Many new courses do not offer honor code certificates. To find out if a course offers honor code certificates, see the About page for the course. If you’re enrolled in the course, you can also find this information on your edX dashboard.

If you earned an honor code certificate in a previous course, you still have access to your certificate through your dashboard.

What is a verified certificate?

A verified certificate is a certificate that requires learners to verify their identities using a webcam and a government-issued photo ID. Verified certificates carry a fee that varies by course. Many learners use verified certificates for job and school applications.

Verified certificates are available for many edX courses. Check out all the courses that offer verified certificates in the edX course catalog.

For more information about certificates, seeCertificates in the edX Learner’s Guide


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