First Driverless Car Spotted In Lagos (See Photos)

It was spotted by a twitter user, Eze Ifeany Adebayo, who shared the photos on his public profile. The driver-less car was found in Lagos and here are what he said on the photos:

“Saw it live today, the firt #driverless car in Nigeria. Did you? Not to worry if you didnt’ its coming to #Techplus2016”

Car without driver, spoted in Lagos

The car in a full cover: 

Driverless car spoted in Lagos, Nigeria
However, in may 2014, there was an unavailing of this kind. Google presented the world with this new concept, and it has been on the internet, that a car can move about without a driver. The car unveiled by Google has neither driving wheel nor any accelerating pedal. It was a fully functioning prototype of a driver-less car, and Google has a plan to make it available to the public, beginning from 2020

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