Do You Know Your Hobbies Can Pay You? Check Out How~Part One

Do you know that your hobbies are fascinating enough for you to earn from them? Check out how. l compiled with a little touch of my stories and human references. These are people that have converted their hobbies to something I now call conglomerates. They are still within and I believe you can start earning some dollar, only if you improve on yours.

In this post, I’m going to be suggesting those few ways you can make huge money through what you never considered your career. Before 2016,  and I had queued in to the famous words of Scott Alexender, that “making money is the best hobby that will complement any other hobby you have, beautifly”. One of the secretes for making real money is by following the principles of John Kennedy which says that “It is quite better to ride a horse in the direction that it is moving”. You are proven to have more chances of survival when you are in a business that you love.

We all have hobbies but they are primarily for fun and relaxation. There will be nothing better than reaping the fruit of your hobby in a professional dimension. Hobbies are real good in our daily lives but if I tell you few cool ways of making real cash from them, it will be amazing.


There is always a need to keep and share memories; not because it seems easy but because it is demanded everywhere, by everybody and at all times. Right there in your school, there are always the need to keep some sort of memory. Photography is one among many works of art that have stood the test of time, and the choice to take up the course can erase your name from the list of dependencies.

Graphics Skills,  coupled with the passion to take photographs may be all you need to make the difference in any area of arts, and photographing is not an exception. The importance of photography can never be over emphasized because an image represents the creative and originality of a person. In our time photography has gone beyond the normal capturing an printing; a good knowledge of image editing software like latest Photoshop, Corel Draw Suites, etc. can offer you good positions as a part-time editor in a photo studio- what a way?

Beside this , there  are still many other ways through which you can earn through photographing without being employed by anyone or studio, and they include

  1. Selling photos Online
  2. Capturing, editing marketing tangible products online (this include pones, cloths, etc.)
  3. Learning graphic designs and selling online
  4. Designing T-shirts, Portraits, and Complementary cards, to make some incomes.
  5. Or simply taking shoots with mind-blowing concepts.

Ways through which income flows from photographing are listed to infinity but they all depend on the level of your creativity and focus. Go for what you love today and never look back until it becomes a habit.

how to make photographing your career

Deezy Media’s First Outdoor Shoot

The founders of Deezy Media, are still Nigerian students, as a matter of fact, has made huge returns with just taking students’ photography and marketing themselves in many forms,  through global platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram(@Deezymedia).  This is an example of ‘talent made skill and skill turned profession’. Explore your potentials and begin something uniquely interesting today.

Fred Ezeh, Toochuckwu Okpala, are brains behind Deezy media and they have been turning the world of photography around. You can’t talk about camera without talking about Deezy Media,  in federal University Of Technology Owerri and it all started with conception; and handwork through intensive studies .

For more details on ow to begin or delineated contacts of these successful photographers, kindly see the comment area, or contact us for more

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