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Amazing Gift! This CEO Gave His Employees A Raise & They Thanked Him By Buying Him His Dream Car

Wonders will never seize to showcase. People really have different ways of appreciating good deeds. Some simply say ‘thank you’ while other do somethings more appealing than that; but the case of Gravity Payment, is worth sharing.

The employees of Gravity Payment, took the case and life-time dream of their boss and CEO, very personal, as an appreciation for giving them a raise. To express their gratitude to their CEO, Dan Price, they gifted him with his dream car, by saving up their 6 months salaries.

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Dan Price, CEO Gravity Payment

You must be asking Why? 
Was this done for just raising a pay? The story have it that Dan Price, the CEO,  had decided to raise the minimum salary at his firm to $70,000. This was achieved by cutting his own salary from 1.1 million to $70,000.

This motivated the gift, by 120 employees of Gravity Pay. They decided to present the mind-blowing gift as a mere surprise, by buying him a brand new Tesla Model S. It was made know by the Boss, himself on Facebook.

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According to my source, the ideas was Alyssa O’Neal‘s. She has been a part of the support team, for more than two years at Gravity Payment. The 24-year old-old inspiring, single mother is one among those ones affected immensely by the salary raise.

Gravity Payment also made the astonishing video open to the air, by showing reactions of their CEO when he discovered how humility had payed off. He was really shocked at seeing what his employees had done for him. See the video below:


However, according to a Bloomberg report, Price made this unusual move to avoid a lawsuit by his brother and Gravity co-founder Lucas Price, who accused Dan of paying himself too much and not respecting Lucas’ rights as a minority shareholder of Gravity Payments.

Now the stories are not the primary concern of the employees, as to whether their right is protected or not. The interest at this point in time is to make their CEO happy for his daring humility. But on the note of any contrary reaction(s), let’s pray and hope that the humble Dan will enjoy his latest and dream ride.

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