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9 Most Lucrative Farming Businesses In Nigeria, To Invest And Make Millions from

Technology, and widespread of ideas have affected the agricultural sector, and farming in Nigeria is not an exception. Farming is considered as the most effective tool for creating job opportunities for entrepreneurs, who understand the benefits of going into farming in,  Nigeria. Huge wealth has been made from farming in Nigeria, over the recent years and such progress will see no end, as far as people continue to strive.

It is no longer news that farming in Nigeria has witnessed good developments, owing to several awareness, government support initiative, and the continued need to survive. As an entrepreneur(irrespective of your location, an background), understanding the secrets behind farming and its developments in Nigeria, will help you with a developed mindset to tackle any odd that may come up in the line of this hustle, while setting up a farm in Nigeria.

In Africa, Nigeria has the most viable farming status, in terms of profitability and productivity. Farmers in Nigeria are more advantaged than what is obtainable in any other African country. These are my reasons to believe that Farming in Nigeria is the obviously doing great. To begging with these farming practices that will fetch you millions of money in Nigeria, here are few reasons why Farming in Nigeria should never be replaced with any alternative.

Why We Must All Farm In Nigeria

  1. Nigerian population rocks; we have over 150 million people on the wide space, twice more than any other two African country, put together. The entire country depends solely on staple food produced from farming for their daily meals and sustenance. This is very alarming; and about 80%  Nigerians buy their food from the market.

2. Nigeria is blessed with very large expanses of fertile land, left almost useless. About 910,770 was measured to be our land mark, and the land areas of any country is the country’s total area, excluding area that are considered to be water.  In this regards, Nigeria has one of the biggest expanse of Land in Africa. The amazing aspect is that 70% of this land is available for farming-so what is our youth waiting for?

3. The federal government of Nigeria, over time, has been seriously turning its attention to promoting farming in Nigeria. The thought of any good government would be to boost the production of food for her subjects, and this is what Nigerian Government has been doing. The Government is willing to assist any entrepreneur with the intention of venturing into farming, in Nigeria.

4. Nigerians are ready and willing to buy. Our purchasing power is always rated to be higher than that of any country around us. In Nigeria, we buy and pay cash! We value food in Nigeria and the power to buy is always there.

5. If farming is fully embraced,  Nigeria’s foreign currency earning will be boosted to the highest level.  The dramatic rise and fall in dollar may not affect our economy, anymore.

Just think about this; there are lots of prospects in farming, but only a few understands that. Having talked about the prospects and good reasons why we must farm in Nigeria, here are those top lucrative farming businesses to invest and make huge Dollars from.

9 Most Lucrative Farming Businesses In Nigeria

  1. Cassava Farming

Cassava has been  known as a major source of food in Nigeria, since ages. Sometimes, Garri proves to be more popular, and more consumed than the generally loved rice. But between the two, one must be more powerful than the other, in terms of popularity, but they almost have the same market value. From cassava, there are myriads of other foods that are processed and they serve in one way or the other, in making live better Nigeria.

Why I chose cassava, as first in this list, is that nearly every land in Nigeria, is good for the cultivation of cassava, and the recent introduction of the highly yield species of cassava,  has made it very possible for any farmer to come home with huge returns per plot.

Youths! cassava, when planted and taken good care of , will help you hit the financial buttons more faster than whatever job you have ever applied for.

  1. Rice

In Nigeria, rice consumption rate is higher than some of other African countries, put together. Rice is also argued to be the most popular; an most consumed staple food among Nigerians. Almost every family in Nigeria eats rice every day; and for students, other foods only complement. It was not a good feeling to see the record that Nigeria spent about N991 Billion on rice importation, in 2011. A report made it obvious that the rice we import has lost its nutritional values, as we can only buy rice stored for about 10 years.

There was a time when a bag of rice was sold for just N7,000 but the story is now a changed one. Any entrepreneur who makes the decision to go into rice farming , and does the right thing in the business, must surely have a reason to smile to the banks. A farmer who has the courage to invest on a large scale rice farming in Nigeria, and produces good number of bags yearly, will be definitely making huge amount of money.

  1. Plantain Farming

Plantain plantation, only quire land, good species and cultured care. Once planted, it reproduces more and more over the years. Just like other mentioned options, plantain is widely produced and consumed in Nigeria. To make my ideas briefer, any food that is popular in Nigeria is always a money making took, because of her population.

  1. Poultry Farming

I must say this; it is very ‘cashy’ but demanding. Like I’ve written on my previous article, on how to start farming businesses in Nigeria, the services of an expert must not be overlooked while considering farming in Nigeria.

Any entrepreneur who is willing to invest on poultry farming will not even need much introduction; chickens are consumed on the high side(..and just like any other domestic animal), and tapping into this advantage will only leave you a millionaire.

  1. Beans Farming

Who doesn’t eat beans? Though they exit, there are quite few number of them. A bag of beans in Nigeria now costs more than so many other food stuffs in Nigeria. The beans farming in the northern part of Nigeria, is highly undoubted,  making huge income from the sales.  There so many other cash and food crops to invest in; depending on the scope and nature you choose to move into. Groundnut, cocoa and so many others are practicable, as well.

  1. Pineapple farming

Just as the name and taste goes, the income implies as well. The cash involved is very sweet.  It was not  hilarious to say that any juice maker without a variety of pineapple flavor is not yet a business man. It is needed anywhere and the good news is that it can be planted in many types of soil  (almost everywhere in Nigeria).

  1. Snail Farming

Snail is a popular delicacy in Nigeria, and highly enriched in proteins.  It was not practiced like this before; but with this demand and readiness to supply, by some dealers, the business will soon rise to its cliff, in Nigeria. The raising is quite simple; look for what they eat, research on their natural habitats and make a good provision to suit their lives. You are alreay making it

8. Maize Farming

Maize is another specie of plant that can survive virtually everywhere in Nigeria. There is no way you can know how lucrative it is until you give it a try. Keep your eyes focused on the money, make good plans to have the largest return, in a year, and you must never record any lose.

I recommend maize farming, with other farming practices in Nigeria, not only because it is very lucrative, but because, it take less than four months to return the cash. The time interval between planting and harvesting is very small, and even of your capital was borrowed, you will have lesser time to pay back.

9. Cocoa Farming

In Nigeria, there is an obvious need for more production of cocoa; the best sought is not good enough. There is a need for more participation in cocoa arming  in the entirety of Africa; and Nigeria as not an exception. To venture into cocoa farming, you must consider that, just like other farming practices, it may be knowledge intensive.

Many reason support my suggestion because the marketing cocoa is very fast ans easy, in Nigeria. Cocoa is that one among the farm produces you can market in just one day, irrespective of the sizes and quantity. This is because the whole world is depends on the produce for their daily food and other beverages’ needs.

Another mind-blowing aspect of considering cocoa is that there are many that make huge amounts of money on cocoa, without even having to farm. As an intelligent entrepreneur, you can become one too. Cocoa agents and or dealer make huge amount of money from, just buying the cocoa beans from the farmers and selling directly to the confectionery and beverage companies- what a business?

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