6 Things You Should Never Do/ Say In A Job Interview

The best way to remain on top is simply to remain on top. There are few characters that always try to soil efforts, each time carefulness and ignorance plays stronger roles. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid during a job interview:

Please Don’t Lie(Be Yourself)

It may be very tempting but the truth remains the king. In all your planning avoid to lie. One great philosopher , once said that “If you tell the truth, yo never have to remember anything” You don’t need the feeling of being caught up with a trick, somewhere.

From the time of preparing your resume or CV, it is recommended that you begin with the highest level of honesty. It will save you more space to be yourself.

Not Speaking Well Of Your Current Or Previous Employer

Some prefer statement like”I was not given an enabling environment to explore ” Yes! that might be your reason for leaving but you just have to keep it personal. You need a new job for new experience, a new place with another reason to try out your experiences, and contribute to the development of the establishment.

No boss will like to work with any employee that criticizes his/her employer. Keep it in mind that you are not the fist to see the advert.

Not Being Prepared (Have good research about the company)

It is a golden rule and that’s why I always reflect on it. They company expects you to have conducted rich homework about their brand, don’t appear without being ready.
Example from a real interview for a major food brand:

Job Hunter: “Hello Mr. Interviewer. Yes, I’d fine it very pleasing to work for your company. I think your brand is great and I really believe I could make a contribution to your marketing strategy.”

Interviewer: “So what do you think about our current merchandising, compared to our competition?”

Candidate: “Oh… Errr…. Well, I haven’t had time to check it out, really.”
(the possibility level here is very low: According to Monster)

Not Being Ready For Your Own Questions

Before you get into the office for an interview, it is expected that you have acquired rich knowledge of both the firm and the potentials position. Re-read the relevant aspects of you CV and the advert its self before interview. this will ensure firsthand answer to any thrown question(s)
Don’t forget to ask questions. Seize the opportunity to make certain specific questions, probably at the end of the interview. It may be about the company’s mission, business practices or expectation; to determine weather they are in line with your personal preferences. The problem is that many are just too curios of getting the job.

The harsh phase our economy has  affected almost every aspect of your financial life, your family now depend on a single income stream etc, but your interviewer does not want to know that. Complaining, even in jest, is never recommended in any job interview.
It may not even be harmful and can also be a means of familiarizing with the interviewer, but Jobreaders advises that you keep certain things personal.

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