5 Ways To Earn From Your Own Website

Money is necessary, as it may be your motivation point, but you ought to understand that the real focus must not be on the pocket. It is a conventional statement to ‘to be a solution first’ and money will pursue you to the core. The great sites we all celebrate today started with a unique mindset to make impact, not necessarily to earn.Their focus was on something that could drive traffic, they only needed attention. Their primary goal was focusing on something that will differentiate them from existing websites. Remember when Facebook, Amazon, Wiki started, their activities were not money oriented, like they are now. Value and publicity is the soul of modern business and website development is a part. In this post you will learn and measures of making cool money from them.

The good news is that at the end, they ended up earning more than they expected-because they made real impact. To start earning, you must answer this important question: Why must people visit your site? If you’ve gotten the answer, you then begin with my options below


Not Just For Beginners:  What Websites really are: 

A website is nothing if it does not solve any problem. You may start buying domain names, creating websites from scratch, and or installing sampling content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, it all depend on your choice and what you can afford at that moment.

First and Foremost, you must consider the best way to create traffic for your site (which means, giving users more reasons to come back to your site), have it in mind that somebody, somewhere have started a similar website. Another thing is to ensure that there is a marketer for your site (is the content what people frequently search for?). To summarize this paragraph, create what will have people’s need in focus _valuable content.


Website options (Platforms): Where to Start

Some want it free but professionally made. Blogger.com is a good example of free websites. All you will need to create a personal blog is your gmail account. Sign up for an account and customize the page to your taste. Others include the popular WordPress.com. They all involve logging in and creating  page for yourselves. Very simple

Apart from Blogger.com, there are myriad of other free-host platforms that can serve as your web-house. To create a web-site with custom domain like the popular. Com, . org, and . net, it requires little bills. It involves purchasing a domain name, hosting account, and other technical customization. If this is not familiar with you, you might consider hiring an expert here at jobroaders. When your website is hosted and good to go, the next thing to consider is the content. Creating a unique niche with unique purposes, and content becomes your next line of action.


How To Monetize Your Website

Now that your site is created and ready to show relevant contents to massive viewers, here are new options to consider for the monetization:

When I was a small boy in the internet field, I only thought about Google Adsence, as only possible affiliate program that pays huge. Honestly, Google Adsense  is the highest paying contextual advertisement network, today, there are many alternatives out there with huge earning values. Because of some reasons, I will not discuss a particular monetization system but I will basically help you understand their differences. My intention in this post is to ensure you know those platforms, options in which you can get rewarded for your efforts, as a web saving.

  1. PPC Networks

Known as pay per dick contextual advertisement networks. They automatically display ads based on the content of your website. Each click on your site’s ads has an impact on your credit, using PPC networks. There are many other credit PPC options on the web but Google Adsence is the leading options. Media.net (which now manages both yahoo and bing Ad Networks) Infolinks, Chikita, Kontera, Vibrant Media, GumGum (image Ads) Clicksor ate all good examples of PPC Ad networks.To know more about their links and how to maximize their earning dashboards, simply add a comment below.


2. CMP Options ( Based on who views the Ads)

Instead of paying per dick basis these advertising  networks pay on a view basis. Mostly paid on dollar values on 1000 page views. As the process suggest, websites with large and frequent visitor-count will benefit from them. Their approved mechanism strictly depends on the number of visitor you have on your site. Some of these CMP ad sites requires a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month. For more on their latest operations and syn up, the list include  Tribal fussion (that requires a minimum page view of 500,000) Adblade .com, Burst Media, CPX Interactive, Technoral Media. They seem endless but only your traffic counts. See the comment section or subsequent posts to know where to begin.


3. CPA Option (Advertisement Based on Action on Links)

This kind of advertisement pays a fixed amount, directly into your account based on the action taken on your site ad. Another interesting thing about placing these ads on your website is that some have affiliate percentages attached-you get paid for any publisher who registered through you. But basically CPA ads pays based on the number of potential customers you returned to the advertiser. These Networks include: Neverblue Media, Click booth, MaxBounty .com, Peerfly .com CPAway .com, Ascend Media, CPlead .com etc


4. Affiliate Programs

Recently, I posted an article on the Real definition of affiliate marketing but right now, you will have the list of those programs. In affiliate program you refer someone through your link and get paid if someone actually buys from the source. Though,  as you are meant to know, some of this program have one or more treasures built together. For instance, Google Adsence is both CMP, and CPC and PPC inclusive. In Nigeria, there are many affiliate marketing programs; both offline and online, that pay huge sums for just letting  your visitors know about them(or their products). Kaymu affiliate program, Jumia Affiliates, Amazon Associates, DealDey Affiliate programs, Konga and many other are just few examples of these available options for Nigerian Bloggers and site owners.

5. Selling Your Products

As a site owners, there is no limit as to what you can sell, using your site as a platform. It might be a video of your tutorials, it might be a tangible product(like books, cloths, and others) that you wish to sell but it still depends on how you package them and the delivery plans. Begin with something you are good at.

6. Featured Posts And Manual Advertisements

Get peoples ideas and product posts and share on your site for your own earnings. It may not be so convincing but that is one of the best sources of income for site owners like Linda Ikeji and the likes, in Nigeria. Advertise banner positions and advertisement slots for your home pages and stand good chances of attracting potential advertisers.

Hope you will find this post interesting; still on the angles of providing jobs for one’s self.

Hope this Article helped:  Yes Or No? 


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