5 Steps To Starting A Lucrative Farming Business In Nigeria

One of the things we all need is food. I once reasoned that food and the need to get filled is the default motivation to work, instilled into man by God. In Nigeria farming is seen as a very common opportunity, though only very few queue into that sector of production. Life is nothing without food, and that’s the reason behind all hustles.

Farming is one of the most essential aspects of Agriculture, that comes in two distinct dimensions; the subsistence and the commercial farming, all providing food to our tables, but in different scopes and scales. It is a common business among Nigerian households, for both urban and rural dwellers. Fish farming, poultry farming, animal husbandry, planting and myriads of other traditional practices may be referred to as farming but in more ways than one, the scope differentiates the values.

These values, scopes and scale of farming is largely dependent on the amount of capital at hand, but is is very essential to understand that no farming practice can take effect without a form of capital. The bigger the funding, the larger the chances of harvest.

In this post, you will resolve the challenges that may be faced while starting a farming business in Nigeria. There are many options and farming categories, but as the course of this site is bases, all we recommend is the justification of the mind (which suggest that you should only do what you love doing). It will also help youths understand that farming is not a business of the old, because it was generally accepted, in Nigeria,  that farming is for the old men and women in our rural communities. At the end, you will see possible options, and how to start a farming business in Nigeria.

If you are still interested in making money with farming, here are my ultimate guide on how to begin:

Make The Farming Choice And Choose A Scale

Farming is just like any other businesses, which require some level of plans, decisions and commitments, in order to arrive at the favourable choice. You must decide on the type of farming you wish to practice, the scale and possibly, the species that you may be considering. Choices of scale and type may depend on the amount of capital at hand, but the most important thing is, understanding the business you are about to go into.

But if you still need more clarification, you need to ascertain (maybe from your funding), if you are going into a small scale farming, large scale e or very large scale (categorically, subsistence and commercial farming). But to make a living out of farming, it is necessary to consider the commercial farming, despite its capital intensive nature. In this kind of farming you may be requiring some farming implements and equipment, to hasten the processes.

Those being very important, another thing you will consider is, the type of farming you will choose to go into. Is it going to be cultivation? Then what should be the plant of interest? (Yam, maize, corn or what). Would you like to go into animal husbandry? What kind of animal do you intend to rear?

Explore The markets, Make Good Survey And Produce An Estimate

An intensive research is another tool you must use to conquer the try and error methods used in the past. You must learn about the kind of farming you intend to go into and get to know its requirements.

It is not too hard, and unlike the school research methods. Meet people who are already into the business and find out how they started and what it involved. The internet is there for any kind of assistance. Take up your case, choose any specie to deal on and make proper research on the web, visit your local libraries to get more knowledge on the business you want to go into.

Take for instance, if you wish to go into animal husbandry (let’s say dogs). You just know about their breeds, feeds and possibly, how they are affected by weather conditions. Will you have access to the breed? And at what cost; you must also consider the market value and what you stand to gain at the end of business.

Source For Financial Funding

Money has always been the problem. There is no business in Nigeria (and other parts of the world), that does not require money. Money is the driving force behind any business idea, and so, must be given a thorough consideration, before making further steps in siting any farming business in Nigeria.

One thing is to have the ideas and another thing is to be able to carry the thoughts up. You need a capital to start a farming business in Nigeria and there are many sources of funding new business in Nigeria, as well. These sources include: Personal saving, Sourcing from friends, family, NGOs, Family and relative, Commercial Banks (Agriculture and Industry), Partners and so on.

The amount of capital you start with will definitely affect the scope of the business but many find it difficult to raise good amount of money, owing to different reason.

With a good (farming) business plan, you can source for loan form Banks and if you have any existing account with a Bank of Industry, they may finance your farming business.

Get The Needed Material/Resources

When you have secured the capital, the next thing will be to secure any necessary resources that will make the business stand. A farming business in Nigeria needs human resources, as well as finance, to get to the top and you cannot have on resource to the expense of another. You cannot also get into this stage without passing through the previous.

To start a farming business in Nigeria, you must come to this point when you need to buy either the farming materials or hire someone to do some job. This is what this stage is all about and there is no other means but to follow it ‘one step at a time’. If it is going to be on mechanized farming, you must consider hiring or buying some machine; and if it will take the form of , say fish farming, you must consider the preparation of site, making of pond, securing the fish and feeds.

Put Your Idea To Work

I believe that you have carefully considered the previous steps; now is ‘the show time’. To start farming in Nigeria, making your ideas a working machine is the most important thing. You have conceived it. Now, it is time to put the ideas into work. For instance, your animal rearing ideas need this time to see working effects.

You must build your pans, provide feed for the animals and ensure regular supply of relevant materials to ensure their survival. These entire things you must do in order to ensure that your idea is not a dead one.

See Experts For Continued Farming Success

The advice and supervision must come from an expert, who has broader knowledge of not only the business, but the type of farming that you are into. This is because you are still very fresh in such a business , and in order to avoid more risk, their advice is recommended critical.

An example of farm animals in Nigeria; experts are needed to ensure that their health is in check and in order to maximize interest

An example of farm animals in Nigeria

Yes! I know that you are now aware of the necessary thing and efforts to apply in ensuring a smooth-running farming business in Nigeria. It will also be very necessary to understand that nothing good comes easy; your continued efforts is demanded. Cultivate the habit of hard work and see the lives you live as yours. Feel free to seek more assistance.

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