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Complete List Of All Nigerian Internet Data Bundle Plans & Subscription Codes

Nothing is actually comprehensive but when it comes to this list, we are almost there. Data plans in Nigeria, in this recent months were carefully represented in this post , to assist our readers make the best of these options. We exclusively explained all the code for both subscriptions, checking of both data and airtime balance, bonuses that may be attached to any of the options and many more. Feel free to select, and don’t  forget that you can comment for more esquires. Enjoy the list below:

MTN Internet Data Plans and Activation Codes

MTN Daily Plans

worth: 30MB for N100

How to subscribe: dial 104# or texting 104 to 131 in an SMS.

worth: 100MB for N200

Code: *113# or texting 113 in an SMS to 131.

MTN Weekly Plans

Worth: 750MB for #500

Code: *103# or sending 103 in an SMS to 131 for just N500.

Monthly MTN Data Plans

Worth: 1GB for N1000

Code: *106# or sending 106 in an SMS to 131.

Worth: 3.5GB for N2000

Subscribe:  by dialing *110# or sending 110 in an SMS to 131.

Worth: 10GB for N5000

Code: *116# or text 116 to 131, as an SMS

Worth: 22GB for N10000

Code: *117# or text 117 to 131

For only MTN users, you can know the available data plans whenever you are reading this, by dialing *131*1# Currently you can also see available data plans by dialing *123# and following the prompt.

How To Check MTN Data Balance 

You can simply check MTN Data Balance can be easily done by texting 2 in an sms to 131.

All Etisalat Internet Data Bundles And Subscription Codes

2. Etisalat Data Plans and Activation Codes

Etisalat Daily Plans

10MB for N100:  You can get this plan by dialing *229*3*1# or text MI1 to 229. It would last a period of 24HRs.

Etisalat Weekend Plan

Worth: 1GB for N500

Code:  *5995*2#. It starts from Friday 11:59pm through Sunday 11:59pm

Etisalat Monthly Plans

Worth: 1.5GB for N1000

Code: *229*2*7# or send AND1 in an sms to 229.

3.5GB for N2000

Code: *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229.

Worth: 3GB for N4000

How To subscribe: simply text MB4 to 229 or dial *229*2*4#.

Worth 5GB for N6500

How To: dial *229*2*3# or text MB5 to 229.

Worth: 8GB for N8000

Code: *229*2*5# or text MB6 to 229.

Worth: 10GB for N10000

Code:  *229*4*1# or simply text SM1 to 229 and have it activated.

Code: 15GB for N15000

Code: *229*4*2# or text SM2 to 229.

Worth: 20GB for N18000:

Code:*229*4*3# or texti SM3 to 229.

Worth: 100GB for N84992

Code:*229*4*5# or texting SM5 to 229.

Etisalat 3 Months Plan

Worth; 30GB for N27,500

Code:*229*5*1# or texting 4M to 229.

Etisalat 4 Months Plan

Worth: 60GB for N55000

Code: *229*5*2# or texting 6M to 229.

Etisalat Yearly Plan

Worth: 120GB for N110000

Code: *229*5*3# or text 12M to 229.


You can check your balance on Etisalat, by Texting  Bal to 228 or simply dialing *228#.

3. Glo Nigeria Internet Data Bundles and Activation Codes


Glo Daily Plan

Worth 30MB for N50:

Code: *127*14#.

Worth: 100MB for N100

Code: *127*51#.

Glo 3-Day Plan

Worth: 200MB for N200


Glo Weekly Plans

Worth: 1GB for N500

Code: *127*57#.

Glo Monthly Plans

Worth: 2GB for N1000

Code: l *127*53#.

Worth: 6GB for N2000

Code: *127*55#.

Worth: 10GB for N2500

Code: *127*58# to get 10GB for N2,500.

Worth: 12GB for N3000

Code: *127*59#.

Worth: 24GB for N5000

Code:  *127*2#.

Worth: 48GB for N8000

Code: *127*1#.

Worth: for N15000

Code: *127*12#.

Worth: 90GB for N18000:

Code: *127*13#.

Glo Weekend/Night Plans

Worth: 1GB for N200:

Code: *127*61# In this data plan, you will be  offered 3GB for 7 nights and weekend.

To check Glo Data Balance text Info to 127.


4. Airtel Nigeria Internet Data Bundles and Activation Codes

 Daily Data Bundles

Worth: 30MB for N100

Code:  *410#.

 3 Days Data Bundles

Worth; 50MB for N300

Code: *412#.

Weekly Data Bundles

Worth: 750MB for N500

Code: *418#.

Monthly Data Bundles

Worth: 1.5GB for N1000

Code: *496#.

Worth: 3.5GB for N2000


Worth: 5GB for N2500

Code: *437*1#.

Worth: 7GB for N3500

Code: *438#.

Worth: 12GB for N5000

Code: *452#.

24GB for N8000 *460#.

Your can check your balance by dialing *141*11*0# or *123*10# or dial *141*712*0#     

 There were few updates on these data bundles and plans, they are completely shown in an image format below. These are the data plans as at June 2016:

Check The latest Update for Airtel Subscription here

Check The latest Update for Glo Subscription here

Check The latest Update for MTN Subscription here

Check The latest Update for Etisalat Subscription here

Hope this articles helped. See the links shown above for the most recent updates on the data subscriptions. Thanks for coming back!



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