3 Things Every Employer Wants From You

You must not be told everything that are required of you, by your boss. Some are just not to be said , but are more needed than your certificates and skills. They are more informal than formal but are applied in our everyday lives, whether as an employed or unemployed citizen.  Job appraisal is an act that takes personal dimensions,  in every organization, but when it comes to corporate organizations, certain behavioral values are expected to surface in your character, commitment, and relevance at the office. It may appear that the significance is not noticed, but you have built a strong factor for both job sustenance and references from the highest places, and here they are:

Dedication To Work

It cannot be hidden. It taps its root from your behaviours and attitudes towards your duties and the well being of your work environment. Your punctuality directly define this obvious need ad sometimes, it does not just end in being punctual. Though punctuality is a direct signal that depicts commitment, there are other areas of your engagements that need touches in order to send that convincing note to the concerned.

You just be willing to respond to the organizational stimulus. Be ready to work without being persuaded, applying every necessary skill to promote any brand you are designated to. The willingness to work is an act of submission and a fragment of passion attached to the job you applied for. Always follow the good directions, as specified by the job ethics and always open your mind to learn.

Your Pro-activenessquote-791953

Your ability to apply posterity measures, in line with the program planning is being able to work ahead of time. Not letting evens and needs actions sweep your foot unaware, is another creative ability that no organization will let go, and will always be willing to pay for. It is another means of making yourself indispensable. Study the future and be ready to put into work, adjusting measures that will facilitate the company’s growth.

Your Healthy Work Experience

You don’t only need a good certification to stand tall in your office of designation. You need to ‘win with all’. The social value attached to your lifestyle may be your leverage when it comes to creating a good work relationship, even between coworkers and the management.  Good social status builds what I call ‘broad non-professional inheritance’ and it is a tool for enforcing reasons to be reckoned with, in the lives of others. I have understood that being able to work with the outlined policies is following an enforced routine but to understand the concepts of relationship is an advantage. Learn to make your coworkers, clients, organizational authorities, have good reasons to have you around. It paves good way of being indispensable.

Note: Relationship, as it was used in this context does not mean intimacy; every official relationship has a limitation to be considered but in some cases, there may be a need to go beyond bounds.


No matter how pressurized you are, the honest truth is to remain honest in your dealings, even with the most corrupt individual in the site. Some have been lured into lives that are not worthy of emulation or trust simply because they believed the system was already corrupt. Despite the degree of corruption that even your boss may be operating on, demands are that you be honest to your faith and integrity.  It will not be amazing to know that the most corrupt personnel demands honesty, as well

I hope you can combine these qualities, in making your lifestyle more flexible and refined. It will eventually promote your joy and passion for the job.


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