14 Best Freelancer Websites To Find Jobs From Any Location

Are you a freelancer? Do you think that your joy for doing something can fetch you some dollar in just a while? Here are few freelancer websites to understand and make use of. Before I continue I will love to remind you who a freelancer is and what he does; this Is because the word freelancer sounds like a some great opportunity but only few freelancer knew where to start. If you start well, you will definitely have a reason to come back to my site.

A freelancer a person that that is self-employed, that is not necessarily employed by anyone/firm under certain conditions. I am sure you are reading this because you either want to be a freelancer or that you are a freelancer but the good news is that being a freelancer is quite easier than what it is thought to be.

As a freelancer, there are several opportunities that you must have missed but in this post , I’ll be showing you those good freelancer websites that you are supposed to know and how you can maximize them. In this part of the world, freelancers are  expected to take it all, as they do not depend on any government policy to see ends meet. They may be simply described as entrepreneurs but I see them as game changers. I’ve written extensively on how to make it on your own, but today, I’ve come to show you the sites to make a maximized use of:

But you have to understand what these sites stand for: They are websites designed to pay you, for doing some kind of work (mostly, those things you love doing. ). It may be as simple as editing write-ups or as demanding as making a movie. It depends on your category and how well you do your job; bu the most amazing fact is that, in anything you do, there must be a platform that will accommodate you.  No trick involved inside- you are paid as you can work. Therefor, See the options and thank me later. 

  1. Upwork

Upwork is one among my best ten freelancer website that any freelancer can work on, and get real pays. With over 2 million clients, Upwork  has provided freelancer with something unique and mouth-watering. It allows for both long and short-term projects (hourly or just per project work and expert entry-level engagements). Regardless of your work status, Upwork must have a space for you.  Feel free to check the links attached on them, find out what diffrences they have to offer

  1. Elance

Some things are better not thought of , when you are working on Elance; they have removed some stress associated with freelancing and have answered several question concerning how to arrive at your desired earning rates. With Elance, you will be able to make profits immediately, without passing through some unnecessary difficult stages. Their payment options are the best so far, as you work. One of the latest notes is that Elance have joined Upwork , even before this article was conceived. Check more options and make your money with your talents.

  1. Freelaner

This is a domain for competition. Unlike many other freelancer websites, Freelancer will give you the option to challenge with other freelancers in your category, to prove your skills. If you have a competitive mindset and are confident about your work, you’ll have it as a great means to showcase your talents and abilities and stand a chance of attracting more clients.

  1. Craigslist

If you are not experienced, you may see Craigslist as just a buying and selling platform. They sell miscellaneous things but it is also a great source for any freelancer. You can search through for local offerings, if you deem them fit. You can also search for major offices, if you intend to work remotely.

  1. Guru

This site is unique in its own ways. It easily allow you showcase your past works experiences and offers job on daily basis. It has some matching features to ensure that you are not left out in any job offer. Through the Guru Job Room, you can manage your jobs accordingly.

  1. 99designs

If you are a freelancer designer, this platform is for you. 99designs helps you compete in design contests and get back as clients choose the best ones. It is one of the greatest ways for freelancer designers to prove their talents and abilities.

  1. Peopleperhour

Do you have web projects for sell? This is the best platform for your desires. It has its focus on freelancing web projects. This category covers designers, web developers, SEO experst, etc. This particular freelancer site is worth checking out.

  1. Freelance Writing Gigs

Are you just a writer Blogger, editor, publisher, or the combination of those? Freelancer Writing Gigs is the best platform for those that can manage their words.

  1. Demand Media

This is a platform for creative people; including writers, filmmakers, producers, photographers and many more others. All you need to succeed in this site is to create unique and creative contents , engage your audience and see your talents promoted.

  1. Collage recruiter

Just as the name suggests, Collage Recruiter is for college students and or fresh graduates who are looking for freelance jobs. It offers many part-time opportunities and still stand as a great site for careers sharpening.

  1. Project4Hired

They have many project categories that will help you get the best job that will suit your search, without scanning through many posts on the internet. It’s very nice for coders, consultants and or designers of any kind.

  1. GetACoder

This is a perfect site or freelance writers, wen designers, programmers,and many more. They offer millions of small-scale projects to choose from.

  1. SimleHired

They are known for their wider range of freelancer platform offers. This kind of freelancer platform I great for many kinds of jobs but better for certain groups. It ranges from salesperson to construction workers. It has a blog for hiring tips and all you need to begin with.

14. The last but not the least on my list , is Toptal. Toptal is another great site for seasoned freelancers. You have to pass through some tests but that mark the end of your isolation, in the world of freelancing and Passing Toptal’s screening process gives you unparalleled access to meaningful projects with great clients. follow the links attached to find out , by your selves.

So from this post, you Have seen that whether you are a programmer, writer, designer, university student, or something in between, there is always a platform that will suit your skills and desires. Many are out there but these are chosen to be the best so far. Check out these listed options and begin something cool today.

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